We offer all Extension types. Our most popular Extensions are single and double story Extensions, Single or Double Garages and Orangeries.

For a portfolio of work or more content to see what we have done please get in touch and ask. We're happy to help and provide free quotations for what you need.


Home Insulation is a vital part to all homes. We install Insulation in all areas of your home in all types of materials.

The most popular materials we use are fibreglass and mineral wool. We offer discounted rates when going ahead with full loft extensions with us aswell.


Using almost any material, we create amazing modern style Deckings and Patios. We have a full team to ensure you get the best service and the product you want as quick as possible. Our most popular materials are Wooden Sleepers and Limestone Slabs.


Driveways are becoming more and more popular and our demand for them is high. We can renovate entire areas and create a new Driveway for your or rip out an existing one and improve it to the way you want.


Full Garden renovation is a big part of any home. Sometimes, the finishing touch to making your home complete. For a quotation to create a stunning garden design for you please contact us or complete the form on this page.


No matter how small it is, Minor damage in your roof can cause the biggest headache! PerfectInstall can perfect small repairs to any roof or completely re-do your roofing.

For a quotation on the work needed please fill out the form on the following page or contact us by phone or email.